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How I Got Over
Directed by
Nicole Boxer

USA / 2014 / 88

New York Premiere

Screening Times and Venues:

Q&A Attendees
*subject to change:
Nicole Boxer (Friday Only), Shevanda Brantley, Thomas Workman
Is it possible to travel the road from a homeless shelter, tough streets, and a life of abuse and trauma, all the way to stand under the bright lights of The Kennedy Center in Washington DC? This is not an ordinary path, but then again, the women in How I Got Over are far from ordinary.

Lives of addiction and abuse have taught these women to shy away from the public eye, but have also left them with the depth of raw emotions and harrowing traumas that could be mined under the right guidance. Enter the skilled teachers from the Theater Lab of the Dramatic Arts. Under their leadership, which remains steadfast even when a couple of the women are about to walk away, some of the most dramatic human stories you are ever likely to hear come to life. The result is not just mesmerizing, but remarkably professional and accomplished. As you watch the performance, these brave and talented women and those sitting in the packed house at the Kennedy Center are moved to tears of joy and understanding. You will be too. –Svetlana Krotek

A native of Marin County, California, Nicole Boxer has worked in the film and television industries for over two decades. In 2007 Nicole co-produced a documentary, 14 Women, that raised social awareness about the challenges faced by women in the U.S. Senate. Inspired by the experience of activist filmmaking, Nicole continued her documentary work as an Executive Producer of the 2013 Academy Award-nominated documentary film The Invisible War. Nicole lives in Washington, DC and is a graduate of NYU Film School.
Cast/Featuring: Shevanda Brantley
Executive Producer(s): Stephen Nemeth, Sarah Johnson, Regina Scully, Brad Welch, Tom Girardi, Joe Kiani Elaine Shamir & Sheila Creal
Producer(s): Nicole Boxer, Tim Rockwood
Director(s): Nicole Boxer
Screenwriter(s): Nicole Boxer
Cinematographer(s): Neil Barrett , M. Holden Warren
Editor(s): Michelle M. Witten
Composer(s)/Music: Ruwanga Samath, Jonathan Zalben
Sound Designer(s): Jeremy Grody
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