by Milton Glaser


One-hundred (100) 18” x 24” limited run,
Collectors Edition
10th Anniversary posters
signed by Milton Glaser


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The poster to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the Woodstock Film Festival was designed by renowned graphic design maestro, Milton Glaser, creator of the “I (heart) New York” logo, and other artwork that can be seen everywhere from posters, t-shirts, packaging to museum exhibitions.

The design ushers in the 10th annual Woodstock Film Festival, which will be held from Wednesday, September 30th through Sunday October 4th.

“Glaser created a poster for the festival that depicts its artistic character, fierce independence and it’s 10-year milestone. We are thrilled beyond belief to have an artist of Glaser’s caliber create this year’s image and are humbled by his participation,” said film festival co-founder and executive director Meira Blaustein.

“It’s astonishing to think that the festival is 10 years old,” stated Glaser. “That simple fact provided the basis of my design.”

In addition to the Festival’s commercial usage of the image, 100 18” x 24” limited run, Collectors Edition 10th Anniversary posters will be signed by Glaser.

Glaser co-founded Push Pin Studios in 1954 and New York Magazine in 1968.  In 1974, he started Milton Glaser Inc.  In 2004, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award for his inspirational work with graphic design from the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum.

His efforts are part of Woodstock history.  Among the first to reinvest in the arts colony of Woodstock were Milton Glaser and his wife Shirley. Land was cheap and rustic farmhouses made ideal weekend getaways for New York City folks, just two hours away. The Glasers’ friends followed their lead. The year 1961 brought Albert Grossman, an up-and-coming music manager who was co-directing the Newport Folk Festival. Grossman’s entourage followed, including a young folk singer named Robert Zimmerman (Bob Dylan).

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