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Come out to support the HUDSON VALLEY FILM COMMISSION at a special preview and reception for National Geographic's groundbreaking documentary HUMAN FOOTPRINT–a preserve our planet presenttion. The screening is scheduled for Thursday, April 10, 8pm at the Bearsville Theater. For tickets, visit www.woodstockfilmfestival.com/cart/humanfootprint.php

Tickets benefit the HUDSON VALLEY FILM COMMISSION – a 501 (C)(3) organization that creates sustainable economic development by attracting and supporting film, video and media production in the region.

In 2007, the Hudson Valley Film Commission worked diligently to convince producers to film the highly anticipated American version of HUMAN FOOTPRINT in the Hudson Valley by referring locations, ideas and key crewmembers to UK based Touch Productions. They reacted swiftly by hiring local production crew and cast members. In addition to many location shoots throughout Ulster and Dutchess Counties, Touch used Tech City in Kingston for administrative offices, storage, workshop space, and shooting stages. The end result is National Geographic's groundbreaking HUMAN FOOTPRINT and major economic development for the region.

"Critically important!" Variety

Irena Salina

"Lively & engaging!" LA Times

FLOW: FOR LOVE OF WATER with Irena Salina
Water is the essence of life, sustaining every being on this planet. Without water, there would simply be no plants, no animals, and no people. But the global water supply isn't just at risk, it's already in crisis.

FLOW: FOR LOVE OF WATER, a new film by Irena Salina, highlights the local intimacies of an emerging global catastrophe: African plumbers reconnect shantytown water pipes under cover of darkness to ensure a community's survival; a Californian scientist forces awareness of shockingly toxic public water sources; a ‘Big Water’ CEO argues privatization is the wave of the future; a “Water Guru” in India sparks new community water initiatives in hundreds of villages; a Canadian author uncovers the corporate profiteering that drives global water business.

With an unflinching focus on politics, pollution and human rights, FLOW: FOR LOVE OF WATER ensures that the precarious relationship between humanity and water can no longer be ignored. While specifics of locality and issue may differ, the message is the same; water, and our future as a species, is quickly drying up. Armed with a thirst for survival, people around the world are fighting for their birthright; unless we instigate change, we face a world in which only those that can pay for their water will survive. FLOW: For Love of Water, is a catalyst for people everywhere: the time has come to turn the tide and we can't wait any longer. For more info, visit FLOW

Tuesday, April 15 at Upstate Films
Wednesday, April 16 at Time & Space Limited
Thursday, April 17 at The Linda Norris Auditorium
For details, see www.hvpg.org

Doug Abel, Jenny Golden & Andy Grieve receiving the award for Outstanding Achievement in Editing

The trophies by Steve Heller

The inaugural Cinema Eye Awards, conceived by documentary programmer Thom Powers and documentary filmmaker A.J.Schnack, and sponsored by distributor Indiepix, was held Tuesday March 18th at the IFC Center in NYC, much to the delight of the NY documentary film community and nominated documentary filmmakers who were thrilled to be recognized by their peers. Nine awards were presented during the reception, which was emceed by Powers and Schnack, with some help from Danielle DiGiacomo of Indiepix. Award presenters included Woodstock Film Festival frequent guests Barbara Kopple (2007 Maverick Award recipient), Alex Gibney, Julie Goldman (Cactus Three) and Molly Thompson of A&E Indie Films.

Award recipients included Hudson Valley & WFF alumni Brett Morgen with Chicago 10 (Outstanding Achievement in Graphic Design and Animation), Woodstocker Doug Abel (Outstanding Achievement in Editing for Manda Bala –Send A Bullet) and WFF alumni Jennifer Venditti for Billy the Kid (Outstanding Achievement in a Debut Feature). For a list of all the winners, visit www.cinemaeyeawards.com/awards/winners.html

The fabulous trophies were created by Woodstock craftsman-extraordinaire Steve Heller of Fabulous Furniture in Boiceville, NY. Heller has been fabricating the Woodstock Film Festival Maverick awards since 2001.

The after party at the trendy night club Kiss & Fly, NYC was a fun filled event, where many including WFF executive director Meira Blaustein were seen having a good time. WFF alumni included Molly Thompson (A&E Indie Films, American Teen), Hugo Perez (Neither Memory Nor Magic), Rachel Grady (Jesus Cap, The Boys of Baraka) , Francisco Bello (Salim Baba), Brett Morgen (Chicago 10), Barbara Kopple (Shut Up & Sing, My Generation).


Galella's iconic 'Jackie' photo

I AM A CAMERA by Daniel Blaustein Rejto

Local Academy Award winning documentarian Leon Gast recently began work on his new project tentatively titled I AM A CAMERA. The film briefly describes the history of photography before arriving at its subject: the superstar paparazzo Ron Galella whose photography techniques revolutionized the business of photographing celebrities. According to Gast, Galella “sneaked around and invaded and bribed and hid like a thief” nearly every day to capture his now-famous pictures of Jackie Onassis, Marlon Brando and Jack Nicholson to name a few. Though our nation has become accustomed to the idea of paparazzi chasing a star’s limo to snap a photo for US Magazine, the concept was rather shocking in the 50’s when Galella entered his profession. In fact, celebrities were so outraged by Ron’s antics that they often lashed out at him; Galella once received a broken jaw from Brando for seeking a photo without the star’s sunglasses on. The daring paparazzo later took to wearing a football helmet while photographing Brando.
Looking beyond the life of Galella, the film also explores the aspects of our culture that make the job of a paparazzo necessary for our entertainment. Ron Galella, armed solely with a camera, may have destroyed the idea of privacy for celebrities, but he “could not have succeeded,” Anthony Haden-Guest reminds us, “if the public did not crave his product… He stood for our desire to see not celebrities alone, but to see ourselves as well.”

The majority of the project is being worked on in this area. Not only is Gast, who lives in Woodstock, directing the film, but he is also editing it with several locals in his studio. Further showing his devotion to the community, Gast has been sending his footage to be digitized at Ellenbogen in Kingston. The film will likely be finished by early 2009.


Welcome to Funplex, the first record of the 21st century from the B-52s. "It’s loud, sexy rock and roll, with the beat pumped up to hot pink," says guitarist Keith Strickland. Eleven fresh new songs, crafted by the groundbreaking band that put Athens, GA on the musical map in the late ’70s, and conquered the world with its savvy hooks, unconventional approach to music-making and original style. “Funplex sounds like us, updated," adds Fred Schneider. "It’s the B-52s now – or fifteen years from now."

Recording took place in two locations, first at the Clubhouse in Rhinebeck, NY, followed by John Keane Studio in Athens, GA. Working at the latter venue, in particular, enhanced the good vibes that surrounded the making of the record. "It felt like coming full circle," says Kate Pierson. The studio was literally just a few blocks from the site of the house where the band played its first show, at a party on Valentine’s Day, 1977. "We were tapping back into that wellspring of creativity," she continues. "It was like the spirit of when we started. My voice teacher used to say tension is the enemy of all art, and being in Athens melted away any tension. It’s so easygoing there."

Tour kicks off Mar 28 2008 in British Columbia with a performance at Purchase, NY on April 11 being closest until June 3 Radio City show. For more info, visit www.myspace.com/theb52s

If you can't get to Bonnaroo, Scotland
or Ireland, catch them at the
Bearsville theater
on April 26.
Catch all the tour dates online at myspace.com/thefelicebrothers

New album review from Muruch–a 100% legal entertainment blog focusing on album reviews. Buy it on The Felice Brothers

The Felice Brothers music is a burning tumbleweed rolling through a ghost town. The brothers recorded part of their self-titled album in an old chicken coop and others in an abandoned train under bridge. Their songs are full of haunting beauty, wild tales, and eerie anachronism. This is one of those rare albums - like Big Iron World or To Hell Or Barbados - that made me stop and just stand by the stereo in awe the first time it played. The Felice Brothers are Simone, Ian, and James Felice and a boy named Christmas. Simone is also author of the novella Goodbye Amelia. Their album was released earlier this week by Team Love Records, a label that is gratefully branching out from mundane "indie" rock into much more adventurous musical endeavors.

Songs like the harmonica bruised "Little Ann," "Wonderful Life," and the whisper soft steel "Goddamn You, Jim" creep in with a fuzzy distance akin to Grant Lee Buffalo's Mighty Joe Moon and the swaying cabaret dancer lament "Ruby Mae" might be mistaken for The Decemberists, but these songs are settled with a thicker layer of dust and grit.

I don't know if Bob Dylan would ever consider collaborating with Tiger Lillies, but if he did it might sound something like "Greatest Show On Earth," "Helen Fry," "Frankie's Gun!" or "Love Me Tenderly.""Greatest Show On Earth" and "Helen Fry" are particular fantastic, and earn The Felice Brothers a spot in my demented circus genre. The former song slinks in with serpentine Dapper Dan piano and leering ringmaster narration before bursting into a Civil War era freak show of brass, voices, and hand claps. And the latter is the quintessential blend of the brothers' mountain folklore and carnival macabre.

"Frankie's Gun!" and "Love Me Tenderly" keep the claps, rousing group vocals, and clamorous instrumentation, but drop the sideshow act in favor of whiskey drenched cowboy fare that Dylan and Springsteen prolly wish they'd written. I could say the same for tavern anthem "Whiskey In My Whiskey", but the gruff vocals and deeper swagger are more like Tom Waits or the murder ballads of Nick Cave.

There really aren't enough synonyms for awesome. (a Muruch review)


Bread Alone's Daniel Leader recently returned from Africa where he was teaching untrained bakers in various settings, to make high quality whole grain breads as part of the South African Whole Grain Bread Project. The aim of the organization is to establish community-based microbakeries to produce fresh, high quality, whole grain bread to improve the nutrition of health-compromised and malnourished adults and children. The bread will help satisfy the dietary needs of malnourished HIV/AIDS positive individuals who need to improve their health in order to allow retroviral drugs to work effectively. In addition to the health objectives, the baking initiative has been designed as a small business/ social development project that will encourage income generation opportunities for South Africans living with HIV/AIDS. The project will produce a trademarked grain and flour mix which will be milled from South African wheat, whole grains and seeds, and then blended with vitamins and folic acid. For more info visit www.sawgbp.org

Upon his return, Leader released Panini Express with Lauren Chattman. The hard cover conntains easy recipes for 70 deliciously different sandwiches you can make using your panini press. Panini Express does not confine itself only to authentic Italian Panini recipes, but instead will explore a world of flavors (like the Catskill Cubano with ham, turkey, Swiss, and a hoisin-lime dressing). In addition to the sandwich recipes, there are recipes for four homemade breads if you want your sandwiches completely from scratch, as well as for mayonnaises, spreads, and other tasty sandwich slathers to up the flavor quotient.

Maverick Award - Designed by Steve Heller


The WOODSTOCK FILM FESTIVAL (Oct 1-5, 2008) is currently accepting submissions in all categories. Maverick Awards are presented for Best Feature, Best Documentary, Best Short Documentary, Best Short Film, Best Student Film, Best Cinematography, Best Editing and Best Animation. Cash, prizes and/or services are given out in each category. Audience Awards are presented for Best Feature and Best Documentary. Award sponsors have included Lowel-Light, Apple Computers, Final Draft, Post Factory, A&E Indie Films, Docurama, Kodak, Baseline, Markertek, and others.

Industry participants have included Steve Buscemi, Peter Saraf (Big Beach Films), Jonathan Sehring (IFC), Ted Sarandos (Netflix), Bob Berney (Picturehouse), Eamonn Bowles (Magnolia Pictures), Mark Urman (THINKfilm), Bingham Ray (Kimmel Entertainmen), James Schamus (Focus Features), Fisher Stevens (Greenstreet Productions), John Sloss (Cinetic Media), Ira Deutchman (Emerging Pictures), Ron Mann (Films We Like), John Pierson (Grainy Pictures), John Anderson, Ryan Werner (IFC), Tom Quinn (Magnolia Pictures), Christine Vachon (Killer Films), Andrew Hurwitz, Ira Schreck, Mira Nair, Todd Haynes, Woody Harrelson, Tim Robbins, Marcia Gay Harden, Lili Taylor, D.A. Pennebaker, Albert Maysles, Barbara Kopple, Leon Gast, Liz Garbus, Brett Morgen, Thelma Adams, Robert Downey, Zachary Sklar, Kevin Bacon, Tim Robbins, Ethan Hawke, Matt Dillon, Rosie Perez and many others.

To apply online, and for details, visit ENTRY FORM

Local branches are located in
Saugerties, Kingston and
throughout New York State

The Woodstock Film Festival has received a grant from the M&T Charitable Foundation, which believes that its responsibility as a corporate citizen is to add value to the communities in which it operates. As part of that philosophy, the Bank contributes to nonprofit organizations that focus on improving the quality of life for its customers, its employees and its community. M&T Bank believes that strengthening community institutions leads to increased economic opportunity for individuals and a healthier overall business climate.

M&T Bank has built their business on a tradition of reliability, accuracy and responsiveness to the needs of their customers. They believe strongly in taking an active role in the communities they serve and have a long history of civic and charitable support, including the leadership and volunteer efforts of their employees. Their focus on investing in state-of-the-art technology in order to provide high-quality banking services has been strongly endorsed by thier customers and has most importantly, allowed them to grow without sacrificing their commitment to personal service. M&T Bank pledges to work hard to earn your trust and your business. At M&T, you'll find that they are committed to understanding what's important to you, so they can provide the best solutions for all your financial needs.

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One of Woodstock’s most beautiful estates! This magnificent stone house on 36 acres dates back to 1912. In 1998, the Current owners restored the original portion of the house & added a fabulous master bedroom & sitting room suite on the 1st floor. The construction was done withgreat care to match the original house. The estate includes a 3 story, 6694 square foot stone house w/covered bluestone patio in back & covered side porch with pillars facing another bluestone patio; a 2 car detached Stone garage with guest apartmentt over it.

Lighted tennis court, beautifully sited oversized swimming pool, pond, one part of the property is on the millstream. The Front property has beautiful meadows; the gardens are professionally designed & enclosed with a deer fence. The home has mountain views & many walking trails in the woods behind the house & trails leading to the Sawkill stream. The amenities & description of the house are too numerous to detail in this listing. Please call listing broker for more details at (845) 679-7321 ext.108

This property brought to you by:
Lic. Associate R.E. Broker
(845) 679-7321 ext.108

The Woodstock Film Festival is a nonprofit organization which presents an annual
program and year-round schedule of film, music, and art-related activities that promote artists, culture, inspired learning, diversity, and sustainable economic development through
film, video, and media production and exhibition.

The Hudson Valley Film Commission promotes sustainable economic development
by attracting and supporting film, video, and media production.

For information, call (845) 679-4265 or visit Woodstock Film Festival