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The Dry Land with special guests including America Ferrera and Melissa Leo










GASLAND with special guests

On Saturday, July 17 at 7:30pm, join filmmaker Josh Fox (recently seen on The Daily Show) at a special screening of his film Gasland, which won the Documentary Special Jury Prize at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. The screening will be held at the Harry Simon Auditorium at The Onteora High School in Boiceville. A discussion with filmmaker Josh Fox and Congressman Maurice Hinchey will follow.

When Josh Fox discovered that Natural Gas drilling was coming to his area—the Catskills/Poconos region of Upstate NY and Pennsylvania—he set off on a 24 state journey to uncover the deep consequences of the United States’ natural gas drilling boom.

What he uncovered was truly shocking—water that could be lit on fire right out of the sink, chronically ill residents of drilling areas from disparate locations in the US all with the same mysterious symptoms, huge pools of toxic waste that killed cattle and vegetation well blowouts and huge gas explosions.

Most recently, as a result of the films popularity, director Josh Fox has been under attack by organizations like Energy In Depth, which has created a website called Debunking Gasland. In answering the allegations, Fox released what he calls A de-debunking document in response to specious and misleading gas industry claims against the film. Over 50,000 natural gas wells are being proposed for the watershed region, which includes the Ashokan and other reservoirs that provide water for New York City.





As part of its summer screening program, the Woodstock Film Festival’s showing of
The Dry Land
played to a sold out audience on Saturday July 10 at the Rosendale Theater.

Director Ryan Piers Williams, executive producer and actor America Ferrera, Academy Award nominee Melissa Leo, rising star Ryan O’Nan, producer Heather Rae and editor Sabine Hoffman, all sat down after the screening with WFF Executive Director Meira Blaustein, for an in depth Q&A session. The conversation delved into the nuanced acting of the cast and various aspects of the making of the film from extensive pre-production research, the subject of returning veterans and PTSD syndrome.

The Dry Land, which recently won the International Award for best feature film at the Edinburgh Film Festival and was nominated for a 2010 Sundance Grand Jury Prize, delivers a sensitive portrayal of James - an Iraq war veteran who after returning stateside cannot reconcile his traumatic experience abroad with the home life he once cherished.

The film will begin a theatrical roll out across the country on July 30. Check the website for dates and venues near you.

WFF would like to thank the filmmakers, the Rosendale Theater, Anne Citron, Sparrowhawk Affaires and TEANY Beverages for their kind event support



Phillip Noyce's Salt, which stars Angelina Jolie was filmed extensively upstate, specifically the Capital region. The film, which co-stars part-time Hudson Valley resident, Liev Schreiber, made good use of the locals, using many of them as both extras and crew.

As a CIA officer, Evelyn Salt swore an oath to duty, honor and country. Her loyalty will be tested when a defector accuses her of being a Russian spy. Salt goes on the run, using all her skills and years of experience as a covert operative to elude capture. Salt's efforts to prove her innocence only serve to cast doubt on her motives, as the hunt to uncover the truth behind her identity continues and the question remains: "Who is Salt?"

Salt will be released nationwide by Columbia Pictures on July 23. A sold out free screening is scheduled for July 22 at the Palace Theater in Albany, NY. For more info, visit Salt.


Harmony and Me (WFF 2009) is now available on DVD and lead actor Justin Rice is now a Kingston resident.

Harmony and Me is the story of Harmony, a guarded puppy faced twenty something at the end of his rope. He’s not a train wreck, instead he’s a slow moving train with no tracks beneath it. The documentary style camera work follows him as he wanders in and out of daily life recounting to all who will listen how “she is still breaking my heart.” But this low budget film is not a bummer nor is it self-indulgent, in fact, writer/director Robert Byington does an wonderful job of telling Harmony’s age old dilemma - “how do you stop loving a person who no longer loves you” in an intelligent, entertaining and even delightful way.

The DVD is available online



Kington's Paul Joffe left Kingston, New York on July 12 with his AFTER THE PRESS bus and is en route to the Gulf of Mexico to report on the BP Oil Spill and the Gulf crisis. Paul's mission is to report on news that is not making it to network and cable television.

In his mission Statement, he writes, "AFTER THE PRESS will not only report on the event and seek out side stories, but also reveal the mechanics and techniques behind the lenses of the largest news providers. Said providers and gatherers are always on display at any large acknowledged news event in the contiguous United States and create a literal proscenium; the very act of stepping back and revealing this would be interesting to those who have been fed their product for years and never been exposed to the stagecraft involved. As an Internet-based gatherer, AFTER THE PRESS will turn the camera around and show the entire scene, stagehands and all."

To watch daily reports visit AFTER THE PRESS



Tracy Bonham's Masts of Manhatta was officially released on July 13, 2010!! Bonham who resides locally part of the year got some great press recently in the New York Times (see below), the current Rolling Stone, the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and on the latest edition of NBC's "Talk Stoop With Cat Greenleaf."

Masts of Manhatta is Bonham's best and most personal record to date. Recorded both in Brooklyn and Woodstock, NY (where the singer alternates between residencies), Masts suggests the dichotomy surrounding the two environments, the singer's own personal journey as well as the changing rules of the music industry. “The city versus country theme threads through the record,” says Bonham. “This is my life at the moment: the balance of nature and the big city. Longing to be surrounded by nature, to get back to a quiet and balanced life, but also loving life in the city and being inspired by it.”

Foot in the City and Cowboy Boot in the Country (excerpted from The New York Times)
TRACY BONHAM was nearing the home stretch of one of her newer songs when she tripped over the lyrics, cracking herself up and waving her band to a halt. The song was “We Moved Our City to the Country,” and the mishap came just after she had tweaked a line, replacing a common curse word with a broadcast-friendly “beep.” For the distinctly family-oriented audience at the first Beacon Riverfest, in a waterfront park 60 miles upriver from Manhattan, it was a well-meaning stumble in an otherwise sure-footed set.

To read the entire article, visit The New York Times. To buy the CD, visit Masts of Manhatta



Arts for Ulster Collaborative Exhibit & Fundraiser

Coordinated by UlsterCorps / Hosted by Woodstock Artists Association and Museum
Events benefit Ulster County Service Agencies and not-for-profit organizations such as the Woodstock Film Festival. Upcoming events include:

Benefit Auction – Saturday, July 17, 6-10pm

Artists include Milton Glaser, Jane Bloodgood-Abrams, France Menk, Elaine Thompson, Harriet Grossman, Andrew Kirschner. For complete information about upcoming events, visit UlsterCorps or check them on on Facebook




ok, so you've sold a lot of records and traveled around the world playing music, so what's next? open a bowling alley? start a water park? a dolphin circus? or, a tea shop?

why a tea shop? well, why not a tea shop? see, if id opened a bar id become a full blown alcoholic, and i thought that it would be a good idea to devote myself to healthy things, like tea. cos tea is healthy. it tastes nice and its healthy. what they refer to in contemporary parlance as a win/win situation.

so in 2002 we opened teany on the lower east side of manhattan. and people came. and they ate. and drank. and it was good.

i can already hear your next question: so why put teany in a bottle? thats a good question. i can only give you the goldilocks answer.

see, when we opened teany we wanted to serve iced-tea. but all of the commercial iced-teas we found were either too sweet or not sweet enough. so we, presumptuously, set out to make an iced-tea that was tasty and sweet but not too sweet. lo and behold, we came up with teany iced
teas. some of our competitors make bottled iced teas that have 40 or 50 grams of sugar per serving. and some of our competitors make bottled iced teas that have no grams of sugar per serving. our friends didnt really like either, so we came up with a happy medium, hovering around 14 grams of sugar per serving, because we wanted to make our friends happy (thats what friends do).

teany is sweet and tasty enough so that its like a party in a bottle, but not so sweet that you feel like youre drinking a piece of pie and then end up with a sugar hangover 5 minutes after you drink it.

and we use healthy ingredients like organic cane juice and green tea and white tea and blueberry juice and pomegranate juice, to name a few.

also, if you look on our bottle youll see a little cartoon character that looks like a cross between a tiny person and a bug. thats the little idiot, and hes our unofficial mascot. why little idiot? well, its supposed to be a sort-of self-portrait, and as im not very big and not very bright i thought that little idiot would be a good name for it/me.



Director Bruce Beresford


Filming in the Hudson Valley

Cameras start rolling on July 21 and will continue into August throughout the Hudson Valley as Bruce Beresford (Breaker Morant, Tender Mercies, Driving Miss Daisy) begins work on his latest film Peace, Love & Misunderstanding. The movie will star two-time Academy Award winner Jane Fonda as well as nominee Catherine Keener. Other cast members include Chace Crawford and Nat Woolf. Peace, Love & Misunderstanding is seeking background performers who are members of the Screen Actors Guild. For details, visit

Francine will be filming in the Kingston, Marbletown and the New Paltz area from July 26 to August 14. The film is an edgy character drama starring Melissa Leo (Frozen River, Treme) that will be helmed by acclaimed NYC directing duo Brian M. Cassidy and Melanie Shatzky. There are still several positions available, both behind and in front of the camera. For more information click here.

Mother's House starring Law & Order: Criminal Intent's Kathryn Erbe will begin shooting in the Hudson Valley on August 1.

Concurrently, three German films (Second Thyme Around, Harriet's Dream, To Hell With David) are being filmed locally. Details to follow.


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