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A great turnout attended the 2011 Woodstock Film Festival Launch Party at Libation on NYC's Lower East Side on Tuesday, August 30. The party featured 'fiercely independent' filmmakers and industry luminaries alike. Guests included Academy Award winner Melissa Leo (The Sea is All I Know), Katharine Erbe (Mother's House), John Ventimiglia (Ponies) and many others. The 2011 Woodstock Film Festival Launch Party was sponsored by Ketel One Vodka and Libation. WFF 2011 kicks off Wednesday, September 21 through September 25 in locations surrounding Woodstock. Click here to view gallery.


The annual WFF Maverick Awards Gala has become one of the most talked-about events in the world of independent film and across the Hudson Valley, attracting nearly 500 filmmakers, industry and community leaders. Saturday, Sept. 24, 9pm at BSP Studios in Kingston. The event is open to the public with limited seating. Tickets are available at the Box Office or online

-Actor MARK RUFFALO will receive the very first Meera Gandhi, Giving Back award.
-Actress ELLEN BARKIN will receive an Excellence in Acting award.
-ROBIN BRONK (CEO, The Creative Coalition), will receive the WFF Honorary Trailblazer Award.

The Awards Ceremony also includes presentation of awards for Best Feature Narrative, Best Feature Documentary, Best Short Narrative, Best Short Documentary, Best Student Short, the Blue Sky Studios Animation Award, the James Lyons Editing Award, the Diane Seligman Awards and the Haskell Wexler Award for Best Cinematography.

The legendary Paul Green, founder of School of Rock, subject of the documentary Rock School and inspiration for Jack Black in Richard Linklater's hilarious film School of Rock, along with a number of his former students, will provide the awards show music, showcasing themes from the some of the most popular movies ever made.

PEACE, LOVE, & MISUNDERSTANDING, directed by Bruce Beresford, (U.S. Premiere)
WFF 2010 Honorary Maverick Award recipient Bruce Beresford (Driving Miss Daisy, Tender Mercies) shot this film in Woodstock and the Hudson Valley. Catherine Keener plays a conservative lawyer who takes her two teenage children to meet their estranged, hippie grandmother (Jane Fonda) in Woodstock, NY. WFF is pleased to present the U.S. Premiere of "PLM" as our opening night film, screening Thursday, Sept. 22, 6:30pm, Woodstock Playhouse with an additional screening Friday, Sept. 23, 4:30pm, Rosendale Theater. Beresford, along with writers, producers and select cast will attend the Q&A after the screening.
ANOTHER HAPPY DAY, directed by Sam Levinson, (East Coast Premiere)
High-strung Lynn (Ellen Barkin) and her troubled grown children (Kate Bosworth and Ezra Miller) attend the wedding of her estranged eldest son and journey deep into the heart of domestic darkness. (* ELLEN BARKIN will be the recipient of the WFF Excellence in Acting Award at the Saturday, Sept. 24, Maverick Awards Gala. She will also be in attendance for the Q&A on Friday, Sept. 23, 6pm, Upstate Films, Rhinebeck and Saturday, Sept. 24, 12:30pm, Woodstock Playhouse.

GIVING BACK directed by Meera Gandhi
International humanitarian, author and filmmaker Meera Gandhi explores the deeply personal and unique ways in which her friends from around the world "give back" to humanity. The film will screen with 9 Pianos, Friday, Sept. 23, 4:30pm, Upstate Films, Woodstock.

*Academy Award-Nominated actor, MARK RUFFALO, will receive the very first Meera Gandhi Giving Back Award for his community activism involving safe water and hydro-fracking in the Catskills. Ms. Gandhi will present the award to Ruffalo at the Saturday, Sept. 24, Gala Maverick Awards Ceremony. RUFFALO is a resident of the Catskills and an active supporter of the anti-fracking movement, traveling to Albany and Washington to protect safe water for the region.

MUSICAL CHAIRS, directed by Susan Seidelman (Sneak Preview)

A sexy, pulse-pounding romance set in the scintillating, competitive world of ballroom dancing. Upper East Side Mia (Leah Pipes) has a promising career as a dancer. Bronx-born Armando (EJ Bonilla) sweeps floors at the dance studio in exchange for lessons. He dreams of dancing with Mia, the love of his life. Their dreams are shattered when a tragic accident forever confines Mia to a wheelchair. Armando dedicates himself to helping Mia "dance" once more. Director Seidelman will be in attendance for the Q&A, Saturday, Sept. 24, 8pm, Woodstock Playhouse.

COMING UP ROSES, directed by Lisa Albright (World Premiere)

Young Alice (Rachel Brosnahan) and her theatrical mother, Diane (Bernadette Peters) desperately hold onto each other and the fantasy of a better life. A dangerous neighborhood, money troubles, even Diane's relentless depression will not defeat them. But is their love and determination enough? A striking dramatic role for Broadway superstar BERNADETTE PETERS. The directors and select cast will be attending the Q&A, Friday, Sept. 23, 5:45pm, Woodstock Playhouse and Saturday, Sept. 24, 6:15pm, Rosendale Theater.

PERFECT SENSE, directed by David Mackenzie (East Coast Premiere)

Scientist Susan (Eva Green) has given up on love after dedicating herself to the study of epidemics. When she meets Michael (Ewan McGregor), everything changes. They experience new and unforeseen depths of feeling, as all around the world something strange is affecting everyone's emotions. A genre-busting, poetic sci-fi film with a life-affirming look at what it means to love and be loved in turbulent times. Screening Saturday, Sept. 24, 9:30pm, Upstate Films, Woodstock and Sunday, Sept. 25, 7:30pm, Rosendale Theater.


THE INNKEEPERS, directed by Ti West (New York Premiere)

After more than 100 years of service,, The Yankee Pedlar Inn is shutting its doors forever. The two last remaining employees are determined to uncover proof of what many believe to be one of New England's most haunted hotels. As the final days draw near, they experience strange and alarming events, compelling them deeper into the long-unexplained mysteries of the inn. The producers will be attending the Q&A, Friday, Sept. 23, 8:15pm, Woodstock Playhouse and Saturday, Sept. 24, 9pm, Rosendale Theater.

ANOTHER KIND, directed by Jonathan Blitstein (World Premiere)

A group of 20-something New Yorkers drive to the Catskills for a long weekend of winter camping. It soon becomes apparent they were better off staying home. Strange and inexplicable things begin to happen, they lose all sense of direction, and after a snowy frostbitten night, begin having strange visions. They can't distinguish dreams from reality, nor do they know a twisted surprise awaits them at the trailhead. Director Blitstein will be attending the Q&A, Friday, Sept. 23, 11pm, Woodstock Playhouse and Saturday, Sept. 24, 10pm, Upstate Films, Rhinebeck.


Sponsored by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Politics, environment, religion, war and peace: WFF's Exposure program is always in the forefront of showcasing 'movies that matter'. The 2011 slate is extraordinary in the diversity of its offerings, newsworthiness of its subjects, and the talent of its filmmakers. Highlights include:

SEMPER FI: ALWAYS FAITHFUL, directed by Rachel Libert and Tony Hardmon
Master Sergeant Jerry Ensminger's loyalty belonged to the Marine Corps for 25 years. But when his nine-year-old daughter dies of a rare form of leukemia, he takes on a quest that leads him to a shocking discovery: the organization to which he had pledged his loyalty was responsible for one of the largest water contamination incidents in U.S. history. His fight, and this important doc, reveals a grave injustice at North Carolina's Camp Lejeune and a looming environmental crisis at military sites across the country. The directors will be attending the Q&A, Friday, Sept. 23, 11:45am, Upstate Films, Woodstock and Sunday, Sept. 25, 2pm, Upstate Films, Rhinebeck.

CAPE SPIN: AN AMERICAN POWER STRUGGLE, directed by Robbie Gemmel and John Kirby (World Premiere)
"Give wind a chance," versus "not in my backyard" is the central conflict in this darkly humorous and profoundly serious tale of a community divided by green politics. In 2001, entrepreneur Jim Gordon proposed building a major wind farm in the middle of Nantucket Sound, fabled playground for America's rich and famous, billing the project as a clean, green power plant that should be welcomed by all. To his chagrin, "Cape Wind" became one of the decade's most confounding political battles. A gripping and entertaining study of eco-capitalism and grassroots democracy. The directors will be attending the Q&A, Friday, Sept. 23, 2:30pm, Bearsville Theater and Sunday, Sept. 25, 11:15am, Upstate Films, Rhinebeck.

THE WELCOME, directed by Kim Shelton
(New York Premiere)
A fiercely intimate view of life after war, the fear, anger and isolation of post-traumatic stress that affects vets and family members alike. As we join them for an unusual healing retreat, we witness how the ruins of war can be transformed into the beauty of poetry. Their inspiring examples of unflinching honesty, courage and love remind us of our common humanity, always the first casualty of war. The directors will be attending the Q&A, Thursday, Sept. 22, 6pm, Bearsville Theater and Saturday, Sept. 24, 7:15pm, Upstate Films, Rhinebeck.

TAKING A CHANCE ON GOD, directed by Brendan Fay
(U.S. Premiere)
Follows the extraordinary life of 85-year-old Jesuit priest John McNeill, a former POW, co-founder of the GLBT Catholic group Dignity NY, author of The Church and the Homosexual, and loving partner of 45 years to Charles Chiarelli. McNeil has refused to let his voice be silenced despite being expelled from the Catholic Church after forty years of faithful service. This powerful doc explores the inspiring story of faith, love and perseverance in the face of oppression and rejection. Director Fay will be attending the Q&A, Saturday, Sept. 24, 3:15pm, Woodstock Playhouse.

(East Coast Premiere)
"We build ramps, not bombs," say Oliver and Sharna, founders of Skateistan, an aid foundation whose goal is to bring education and equality to the overwhelmingly adolescent population of war-torn Afghanistan. Love of skateboarding reveals a rarely-seen side of Afghan culture. With the help of visiting professional skate boarders, and an outpouring of local enthusiasm, they construct a skate park in the center of Kabul. Touching on gender, ethnic and social mores in Afghanistan, Skateistan offers an exhilarating vision for the future. Screening Saturday, Sept. 24, 2:15pm, Upstate Films, Rhinebeck and Sunday, Sept. 25, 12pm, Bearsville Theater.

POETRY OF RESILIENCE, directed by Katja Esson
(East Coast Premiere)
War, genocide and oppression: unfathomable tragedies paint a dark portrait of the human condition. And yet, out of atrocity the beauty of poetry can flow, as those who lived it attempt to make sense of it all. Through the poems and words of six extraordinary artists, comes this deeply contemplative examination of violence, society, and the reality of being an artist and survivor. Shot by Academy Award-Nominated director Esson on location from Hiroshima to Rwanda. Director Esson will be attending the Q&A, Friday, Sept. 23, 6:45pm, Upstate Films, Rhinebeck and Sunday, Sept. 25, 4:30p, Upstate Films, Woodstock.
* Sunday Poetry Brunch - Join the filmmakers and poets for a champagne Sunday brunch and to hear some poetry. Sunday, Sept. 25, 11am-1pm, Bear Café

THE THING THAT HAPPENED, directed by Andrew Walton
The Hope North Secondary School in Uganda provides a home and education for displaced children of civil war; school founder Sam Okelo's personal account is a poetic and moving tribute to the living and the dead. Screening prior to Poetry of Resilience.

I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU HUSBAND & HUSBAND, directed by Stephanie Donnelly
In 2004, New Paltz Mayor Jason West was criminally charged for making many couples' dreams come true by performing two dozen same-sex marriages. Screening prior to Taking a Chance on God.


PÁJAROS DE PAPEL (PAPER BIRDS), directed by Emilio Aragón
A musician, a ventriloquist, a singer and an orphan named Miguel make up an unlikely family of lost souls, struggling to get by one day at a time, sharing their joys and sorrows. Their only escape from the misery around them? Their music. As it turns out, when bread is scarce, applause can really hit the spot. But right away they are put to the test and forced to make decisions that will place their lives in jeopardy. Director Aragón will be attending the Q&A, Friday, Sept. 23, 6:45pm, Upstate Films, Woodstock and Saturday, Sept. 24, 9:30pm, Upstate Films, Rhinebeck.

* There will be a Spanish Ensemble, celebrating Spanish Culture at the WFF Filmmakers Party, Friday, Sept. 23, 10p at the Skytop Steakhouse & Brewing Co. in Kingston. Flamenco guitarist Javier Limón and Galician bagpiper and piano player Cristina Pato will perform on stage together for the very first time in what promises to be a seminal synergy of talent. They will be joined by tenor José Manuel Zapata and Paper Birds director and keyboard player Emilio Aragón.

FROM ISRAEL (with support from Consulate General of Israel in New York):
, directed by Dani Menkin and Yonatan Nir
(U.S. Premiere)
A teenager from an Arab village in the north of Israel disconnects himself and stops speaking following a brutal beating. As a last resort before hospitalization in a mental institution, he is taken by his devoted father to be "treated" with dolphins in the Red Sea. After months of silence, he begins to talk again, but erases his npast. This beautifully shot doc, filmed over the course of four years, explores both the devastating havoc that human violence can wreak upon the human soul, and the healing powers of nature and love. The directors will be attending the Q&A, Saturday, Sept. 24, 4:45pm, Bearsville Theater and Sunday, Sept. 25, 1:45pm, Upstate Films, Rhinebeck.

FAT COWS LEAN COWS, directed by Meni Elias
(World Premiere)
On the Gaza Strip border, an Israeli farmer and his two employees- a Palestinian and a Thai immigrant, work together on a struggling farm in Israel, at a time when industrial agriculture dominates and political tensions are rife. Their personal stories are a microcosm of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the state of small farms in an age of factory farming. The producers will be attending the Q&A, Saturday, Sept. 24, 4:45pm, Upstate Films, Rhinebeck and Sunday, Sept. 25, 4:45pm, Bearsville Theater.
* Special thanks to the Jewish Federation of Dutchess County


Outstanding (and often outrageous) films and performances.
What's Woodstock Without Music?
WFF's popular music programming of iconic musicians, music as political dissent, music videos, and bands vying to be heard, along with the always fascinating BMI Music Panel, is expanding this year with an exciting, all new Live Music Concert Series curated by School of Rock founder Paul Green. We are delighted with this new collaboration, which will bring attendees the very best of indie music in the years to come.

DOWNTOWN EXPRESS, directed by David Grubin
(World Premiere)
World-renowned violinist Philippe Quint takes his acting bow in this witty, musical romance, also starring acclaimed singer/songwriter/actor Nellie McKay. Two-time Grammy nominee Quint dazzles as Sasha, a Russian immigrant and Julliard student preparing for his final recital. But things begin to go off the rails when he falls for Ramona (McKay), and joins her band. Now torn between his burgeoning classical music career and his new found passion for Ramona and her music, Sasha must decide where his music leads him. Featuring virtuoso performances. Director Grubin will attend the Q&A, Thursday, Sept. 22, 4pm, Upstate Films, Woodstock and Sunday, Sept. 25, 12pm, Rosendale Theater.

Wed. Sept 21 at Bearsville Theater

Phillipe Quint and Nellie McKay with Special Guest Lori Singer (Footloose, Short Cuts), plus Tracy Bonham with Jerry Marotta, Gorgeous Creatures, Explorers and Bazaar.

Wed & Thur. Sept. 21 & 22 at the Colony Cafe

Featuring the brilliant, irreverent, satiric, supremely talented Gene Ween, of the band Ween, who has been putting on deliriously demented live shows for 25 years. Friday, Sept. 23 at Colony Cafe

Friday, Sept. 23 at Skytop Steakhouse and Brewery

Saturday, Sept. 24 at Colony Cafe

Saturday, Sept. 24 at Bearsville Theater

All concert tickets will be sold in advance online or at the WFF Box Office as well as at the door. Same Box Office hours apply. Concert tickets prices range from $20-$25.

9 PIANOS, directed by Gillian Farrell
(World Premiere)
After Hurricane Katrina, Adam Markowitz, an Upstate NY piano dealer and tuner, felt he had to do something to help New Orleans. So he loaded his truck with all the pianos that would fit and drove to New Orleans to give them away for free to clubs, schools, churches, and the musicians who keep New Orleans and its music alive. Heart-warming doc, peppered with terrific performances as the overwhelmed musicians receive their musical bounty. Director Farrell will be attending the Q&A. The film will screen with Giving Back Friday, Sept. 23, 4:30pm, Upstate Films, Woodstock.
*RELATED MUSIC PERFORMANCE: Jesse Mcbride, The Cotton Brothers & Adam Markowitz perform Friday, Sept.23, 8pm at Photosensualis.

LOSERS TAKE ALL, directed by Alex Steyermark
(World Premiere)
The Fingers have a dream of "making it." The trials of this 1980's punk rock band struggling to balance friendship, love and success are at once comedic and universal. As the band members lurch, strum and drum AWAY from success, they are faced with eternal dilemmas such as: Can you sell out and still be DIY indie? Do corporate rock and punk sensibility make awful but essential bedfellows? And what's wrong with just rock out and party hardy until you self-destruct? Solid performances and terrific vintage-style cinematography. Director Steyermark will attend the Q&A, Thursday, Sept. 22, 1:30pm, Upstate Films, Woodstock and Friday, Sept. 23, 1:45pm, Rosendale Theater.

FREAKS IN LOVE, directed by Skizz Cyzyk and David Koslowski
(East Coast Premiere)
The band Alice Donut earned a fierce cult following with its twisted, hard-driving songs, hitting the road like so many others, piled into vans for the endless tour that, on a good day, included a place to sleep and free beer. The film weaves vintage performance footage and interviews with music heavyweights such as producer Martin Bisi, Curt Kirkwood of Meat Puppets and Jello Biafra, who describes the band as "the missing link between R.E.M. and the Butthole Surfers". Made by two music veterans of the Baltimore indie scene, this lively doc pays homage to a genuinely alternative band that remains indie to the core. The directors will be attending the Q&A, Friday, Sept. 23, 7:30pm, Bearsville Theater.

THE OTHER F WORD directed by Andrea Blaugrund Nevin
(New York Premiere)
Pennywise, Black Flag and The Circle Jerks are just a few of the punk rock groups represented in this fast-paced, surprisingly tender and wise exploration of a generation of musical rebels now facing fatherhood and middle age. How to reconcile the anti-authoritarian ethos of punk rock with the need to be a responsible authority figure to a child? An engaging and intimate portrait of a pierced and tattooed generation holding onto themselves while learning to be better fathers. Screening Thursday, Sept. 22, 8:45pm, Bearsville Theater and Friday, Sept. 23, 9:30pm, Upstate Films, Rhinebeck.

(World Premiere)
Music video for "Everything Becomes Whole" from the new album "Near Infinite Possibility".
* RELATED MUSIC PERFORMANCE: Sarah Fimm performs following the screening at 10p, Friday, Sept.23, Bearsville Theater.

NO LIGHTS - YASSOU BENEDICT, directed by Steve Durand
(World Premiere)
Nostalgia comes knocking on youth's door for the first time.
Yassou Benedict performs following the screening at 10p, Friday, Sept.23, Bearsville Theater.

BREAK THE SPELL- Gogol Bordello, directed by Bruno Decharme
BURNING WIGS OF SEDITION - The Extra Action Marching Band,
directed by Anna Fitch and Simon Cheffins
CALGARY - Bon Iver,
directed by Andre Durand and Dan Huiting
MARIONETTE- Coldwater Jane, directed by Beck Underwood (World Premiere)
MEMORY LAYNE - Dolly Rocker, directed by John Carter
MISS DAISY CUTTER - The Veils, directed by Laen Sanches
MOTHER - Blondie, directed by Laurent Rejto, (World Premiere of director's cut)
RUMBLESEAT - The Sadies, directed by Michael Roberts
WIZBOT - Sea of Bees, directed by Aaron Rosenbloom


Passionately committed to supporting regional filmmakers and film production, WFF 2011 presents a record number of more than 20 narratives, docs, shorts and music videos, either shot in the Hudson Valley or made by HV residents. This is due in large part, to the successful efforts of our sister organization, the Hudson Valley Film Commission. In addition to our screenings of Peace, Love & Misunderstanding, 9 Pianos, Taking a Chance on God, Another Kind, Mother-Blondie, Everything Becomes Whole-Sarah Fimm, Old Man River-The Five Points Band, and No Lights-Yassou Benedict, selections include:

FIGHTVILLE, directed by Petra Epperlein and Michael Tucker (New York Premiere)
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has grown from a controversial, gladiatorial sideshow into a billion-dollar phenomenon. But in sweat-soaked gyms and low-rent arenas across America, men test their mettle, fortified with the mythic promise that an ordinary man can transform into a champion. The veteran filmmaking team from the Hudson Valley, focuses not only on the battle in the cage, but on the meaning of the fight. A fascinating, thought-provoking, tense and dramatic peek into a fascinating subculture. The directors will be attending the Q&A Thursday, Sept. 22, 8pm, Upstate Films, Rhinebeck and Friday, Sept. 23, 5mp, Bearsville Theater.

Other Outstanding Hudson Valley-related films include:
Angels, directed By Zachary Kerschberg, (World Premiere)
Babyland, directed by Marc Fratello
Bayou Black, directed by Jonas Carpignano
Beatrice and Bob, directed by Kendra Elliott
A Bridge Delivered, directed by Stephen Mallon
Everything Becomes Whole- Sarah Fimm, directed by Erik Montovano, (World Premiere)
Gravity, directed by Pamela Romanowsky, (New York Premiere)
Mother - Blondie, directed By Laurent Rejto, (World Premiere/Director's Cut)
Mother's House, directed by Davis Hall, (New York Premiere)
New Skin, directed by Vladimir de Fontenay, (World Premiere)
No Lights- Yassou Benedict, directed by Steve Durand, (World Premiere)
Old Man River - The Five Points Band, directed by John Bongiorno
The Sea is All I Know, directed By Jordan Bayne, (NY Premiere) features Oscar-winner Melissa Leo.
Stefan, directed by Juliet Lashinsky-Revene
The Strange Ones, directed by Christoper Radcliff and Lauren Wolkstein



96 MINUTES, directed by Aimee Lagos, (New York Premiere); AN ORDINARY FAMILY, directed by Mike Akel, (East Coast Premiere); ANOTHER HAPPY DAY, directed by Sam Levinson, (East Coast Premiere); ANOTHER KIND, directed by Jonathan Blitstein, (World Premiere); ANSWERS TO NOTHING, directed by Matthew Leutwyler, (World Premiere); COMING UP ROSES, directed by Lisa Albright, (World Premiere); DOWNTOWN EXPRESS, directed by David Grubin, (World Premiere); EAST FIFTH BLISS, directed by Michael Knowles, (East Coast Premiere); THE INNKEEPERS, directed by Ti West, (New York Premiere); LETTERS FROM THE BIG MAN, directed by Christopher Munch; THE LIE, directed by Joshua Leonard, (New York Premiere); LOSERS TAKE ALL, directed by Alex Steyermark, (World Premiere); MUSICAL CHAIRS, directed by Susan Seidelman, (Sneak Preview); THE OFF HOURS, directed by Megan Griffiths, (New York Premiere); ON THE ICE, directed by Andrew O. MacLean; PÁJAROS DE PAPEL (PAPER BIRDS), directed by Emilio Aragón; PEACE, LOVE, & MISUNDERSTANDING, directed by Bruce Beresford, (U.S. Premiere); PERFECT SENSE, directed by David Mackenzie, (East Coast Premiere); PONIES, directed by Nick Sandow, (World Premiere); SAHKANAGA, directed by John Henry Summerour, (New York Premiere); SILVER TONGUES, directed by Simon Arthur, (New York Premiere); TILT, directed by Viktor Chouchkov Jr., (East Coast Premiere); UNION SQUARE, directed by Nancy Savoca, (U.S. Premiere)

NARRATIVE COMPETITION FINALISTS: 96 Minutes; East Fifth Bliss; The Lie; On the Ice; Sahkanaga; Silver Tongues; Tilt



9 PIANOS, directed by Gillian Farrel, (World Premiere); A FORCE OF NATURE, directed by Barbara Kopple, (World Premiere), ADVENTURES IN PLYMPTOONS, directed by Alexia Anastasio, (North American Premeire); BOMBAY BEACH, directed by Alma Har'el; CAPE SPIN: AN AMERICAN POWER STRUGGLE, directed by Robbie Gemmel and John Kirby, (World Premiere); BEING ELMO: A PUPPETEER'S JOURNEY, directed by Constance A. Marks; DEAF JAM, directed by Judy Lieff, (North American Premiere); DOLPHIN BOY, directed by Dani Menkin and Yonatan Nir, (U.S. Premiere); FAT COWS, LEAN COWS, directed by Men Elias, (World Premiere); FIGHTVILLE, directed by Petra Epperlein and Michael Tucker, (New York Premiere); FREAKS IN LOVE, directed by Skizz Cyzyk and David Koslowski, (East Coast Premiere); GIVING BACK, directed by Meera Gandhi; KING'S PARK: STORIES FROM AN AMERICAN MENTAL INSTITUTION, directed by Lucy Winer, (World Premiere); KUMARÉ, directed by Vikram Gandhi, (New York Premiere); MORE TO LIVE FOR, directed by Noah Hutton, (New York Premiere); THE OTHER F WORD, directed by Andrea Blaugrund Nevins, (New York Premiere); POETRY OF RESILIENCE, directed by Katja Esson, (East Coast Premiere); SEMPER FI: ALWAYS FAITHFUL, directed by Tony Hardmon and Rachel Libert; SKATEISTAN: FOUR WHEELS AND A BOARD IN KABUL, directed by Kai Sehr, (East Coast Premiere); SOMETHING VENTURED, directed by Daniel Geller and Danya Goldfine; TAKING A CHANCE ON GOD, directed by Brendan Fay, (World Premiere); UNRAVELED, directed by Marc H. Simon, (New York Premiere); THE WELCOME, directed by Kim Shelton, (New York Premiere); I'M CAROLYN PARKER: THE GOOD,THE MAD, THE BEAUTIFUL, directed by Jonathan Demme, (U.S. Premiere).

DOCUMENTARY COMPETITION FINALISTS: Bombay Beach; Cape Spin; Deaf Jam; Dolphin Boy; Semper Fi: Always Faithful; Skateistan: Four Wheels and a Board in Kabul; Unraveled


The WFF has garnered a reputation for screening some of the most exciting films of the genre!

WFF 2011 Shorts Program includes:

Darkness Inside
Family Feuds
Life, Love, Death
Lost & Found
Love is a Bitch
Music Videos

Remember To Smile
Teen Films

Several other shorts will be screened before features. This year, many of our shorts were shot and produced locally in the Hudson Valley! For a complete listing of Shorts, visit WFF Shorts


PANELS: Informative Conversations with Amazing Filmmakers

Actor's Dialogue
Mmoderated by Martha Frankel:
Guest TBA

Amazing Women in Film
Mmoderated by Thelma Adams
with Robin Bronk, Susan Seidelman, Nancy Savoca, Debra Granik, Meera Gandhi, Lisa Rosman

Blue Sky Studio Animation
Mmoderated by Chris Wedge
with Vicki Saulls, Galen Chu, Renato Falcão

Funding Your Project the 21st Century Way
Moderated by Jonathan Gray with Joana Vicente, Kat Popiel, Reva Goldberg

International Film Production
Mmoderated by David D'Arcy
with Katja Esson, Viktor Chouchkov Jr., Hilla Medalia, Emilio Aragón, Jason Kliot

The Issue Documentary
Moderated by Stephen Nemeth
with Barbara Kopple, Ron Mann, Jedd Wider, Lisa Gossels, Noah Hutton, Petra Epperlein

Music in Film
Moderated by BMI's Doreen Ringer-Ross with George C. Clinton, David Grubin, Michael Bacon, Susan Jacobs, Amy Rosen, Alex Steyermark

Why Do Some Films Make It and Other Don't?
Moderated by Bingham Ray
with Michael Silberman, John Sloss, Dan Berger, Peter Saraf


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