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Box office hours change during festival time. Remember, starting October 8 and going to October 13, the WFF Box Office is open from 9am-7pm.

On October 14, the box office will be open 9am-noon.

Tickets can also be purchased online at

  • Tickets for films range from $5-25
  • Panel tickets range from $12-15
  • The Maverick Awards Gala tickets are $75

*Please note: Anyone purchasing or who have purchased Putzel tickets for the Saturday night showing, the venue has changed to the Woodstock Playhouse. Refuge screening has been moved to Upstate Films Woodstock

  TIM blake nelson to recieve meera gandhi giving back award

WFF is proud to announce the recipient of the 2nd Annual Meera Gandhi Giving Back Award as Tim Blake Nelson.

Known for his diverse roles in film, Nelson has starred in acclaimed hits like O'Brother Where Art Thou?, The Incredible Hulk, Syriana, Holes and the 2011 WFF Official Selection Detatchment. Nelson is also an accomplished director, singer and playwright. His directing credits include Leaves of Grass, The Grey Zone (a 2002 WFF Official Selection) and "O."

The Giving Back contribution Nelson receives will go to the 52nd Street Project in NYC. The project brings together kids ages (9 to 18) from the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood with theater professionals to create original works on stage. The primary activity is to present a free theater to a general audience with a deeper purpose of using the art form of theater to enagage children's imaginations, broaden their means of expression and increase their sense of self-worth, their literacy skills and their appreciation of the arts.

  2012 MERCHANDISE and commemorative program NOW AVAILABLE
Eye of the World

Our 2012 merch can't be missed. Inspired by the poster art by local artist Bill Miller, this year's shirts take his "Eye of the World" linoleum design and lets you wear it all year long!

Woman's style, Unisex, male and female hoodies, hats and mugs are just some of the great pieces you can add to your wardrobe. Click HERE to purchase yours today before they run out!

*Also, stop by for this year's extensive commemorative program filled with everything you want to know about the film, events and people at the 13th Annual Woodstock Film Festival.

  New Additions to the Woodstock Film Festival



Have you heard about our new additions?

John Sloss has joined the panel Distribution Paradigms, which asks the question to DIY or not to DIY?

John Pankow joins Sally Kirkland and Brian Geraghty on the Actor's Dialogue and Rachel Grady will now be joining the panel From Reel to Real: How Independent Films Impact Our World.

The Pass will be performing at the Colony Cafe in Woodstock on Saturday, October 13th, for free. An electro-pop band based out of Louisville, Kentucky, mix elements of new wave, electro-pop, and psychedelic rock with haunting melodies and dance floor ready beats. The Pass also have composed music for three WFF 2012 Official Selections; 2nd Serve, Art Machine and California Solo.

The Lombard Twins, directors, writers, producers and stars of the WFF short Free Expression, will be at the Colony Cafe at 8:30pm for a special dance performance you won't want to miss.

cali solo Catch a sp[ecial screening of Francine with Melissa Leo at the Downing Film Center in Newburgh, or catch David Bromberg: Unsung Hero at the Woodstock Playhouse.


In Our Nature

cali solo

Grab breakfast or brunch at Oriole 9 and enjoy a bowl of their delicious oatmeal before making your way to the 2:15 Upstate Films Woodstock screening of...

Idle Threat directed by George Pakenham
World Premiere
A self-described vigilante, George Pakenham walks the streets of New York to stop what many see as a victimless crime: idling. What they don't realize is how they are contributing to the oil crisis, asthma and air pollution through their need for climate control. In order to raise awareness, Pakenham goes door-to-door, that is car door-to-car door explaining to unknowing drivers that they are breaking the law when they idle for more than three minutes.

Walk around town, shop and enjoy the autumn weather and then catch the 8:15 Upstate Films screening of...

California Solo directed by Marshall Lewy
NY Premiere
When you reach the top, is there anywhere to go but down? Former Britpop rock star Lachlan MacAldonich, in a sublime performance by Robert Carlyle, finds himself at this precipice as a once promising music career is now awash in booze and self- loathing.







Start your day with the Kleinert James Art Center for the 1:30 screening of the shorts program

A Winter Passing
Including short films such as And Winter Slow, Hatch, Julia and Under.
*Hatch was a finalist for Student Academy Award. Under won Student Academy Award for beststudent short

Afterwards walk down the road towards Mountain View Studio for the 3pm PANEL

Facebook for Filmmakers and Artists: Marketing with Reid Rosefelt
Almost every filmmaker uses Facebook fan pages to promote their films, but almost none of them use them effectively. Few know how to build a fan base; even fewer know how to get their fans to react to or even see their posts. Success with Facebook requires creating a certain kind of “content,” and filmmakers and artists have the skills to create it better than others--but only if they understand what they are trying to achieve. This lecture teaches how the Facebook computer algorithm works, and provides the strategies and techniques to make it work for you.

Try out local favorite Joshua's for dinner then catch the 9:30pm Upstate Films Woodstock screening of

The Mechanical Bride directed by Alison deFren
US Premiere
Allison de Fren’s fascinating feature debut The Mechanical Bride provides audiences a look into the clandestine world of artificial companionship with sexbots and astoundingly realistic female sex dolls, a world that is slowly gaining a public presence. Citing roots as early as Pygmalion, de Fren traces doll culture history through film, television and more recently, the erotic world of robotic technology.


Mondays at Racine

Amy Heckerling

Any Day Now

Check out the 12:15 Upstate Films Woodstock screening of

Mondays at Racine directed by Cynthia Wade
Preceeded by King's Point directed by Sari Gilman
This documentary tells the story of two sisters who open their salon once a month to women diagnosed with cancer. As daughters themselves of a cancer victim, salon owners Rachel and Cynthia provide their community with haircuts, manicures, and pedicures, but also a safe haven for growth, healing, and discovery of inner strength. Wade not only focuses on the health and family struggles that cancer brings to its victims, but the symbolic strength and importance of a woman’s felt beauty that can be both lost and found.

Enjoy music? Head over to the Mountain View Studio 2pm PANEL

BMI's Music in Film
BMI’s annual frank and lively discussion about the creative and business aspects of music in film, the composer/director relationship, and the unique concerns of music in new media.
In 2012 BMI will present a case study of the music from the WFF official selection Vamps with director Amy Heckerling, composer David Kitay and actress Mollie Israel from Vamps.

Catch a late lunch at Kingston eatery/bakery Deising's to indulge your savory and sweet side.

Finish your Saturday night with the Upstate Woodstock 7pm screening of

Any Day Now directed by Travis Fine
Set in the 1970s, Travis Fine’s Any Day Now explores the unique struggles of a gay couple as they fight both prejudice and the law for custody of a neglected and abandoned son of a junkie neighbor. Drag performer Rudy and district attorney Paul have only just met, yet are confident in their love for one another as well as their love and ability to care for Marco, a 14-year old boy with Down Syndrome who faces a future of foster care after his mother’s arrest.


Only the Young



Virgin Tales

Head to the Upstate Films Rhinebeck 11:45 showing of

Only the Young dir by Jason Tippet and Elizabeth Mims
Amidst the socioeconomic downturn infecting the California Santa Clarita Valley, three teenagers are paving their dirt road to adulthood. Garrison Saenz, Kevin Conway and Skye Elmore are high school students from the Canyon Country suburbs that deal with the average coming-of-age obstacles while simultaneously having to face much more serious issues that come with their newfound maturity and the temporary nature of their teen lives.

Interested in all aspects of filmmaking? Check out the Mountain View Studio 2pm Panel: Producing in a Multi-Screen World

Producing in a Multi-Screen World
You will walk away knowing the budgets, tools, metrics, marketing, audience, and business structure of each project. A look into future platform trends will also be shared. Gain an understanding of how formats new and old, individually or mashed up, are creating new opportunities for content creators. This session will be accessible to all audiences, and entertaining in its candor. This year's panel is moderated by Caitlin Burns and features Peter Saraf, Blaine Graboyes and James Percelay.

Eat dinner at local favorite Cucina and then head over to the 7pm Upstate Films II Rhinebeck screening of Virgin Tales!

Virgin Tales directed by Mirjam von Arx
The film follows the evangelical Wilson family of Colorado Springs as they adhere to a life of “pure waiting,” a lifestyle in which their children vow to remain completely unsoiled until their marriage – even so far as saving their first kiss for the altar. Cameras follow the family through church services, conventions, purity balls and their home life, accompanied all the while by a video diary kept by Jordyn, the oldest unmarried sister who patiently waits for her turn.





This year's Friday Night Filmmaker Party is sure to be the best yet. With the opening of the new 21,000 square foot Saugerties Performing Arts Factory, filmmakers and party guests will get to mingle around the spacious art gallery and enjoy the diverse performances throughout the night, including:
The Brandy Knights (with lead, FlanneryLunsford, star of STRUTTER —2012 WFF Selection
•Wine Teeth
•Lindsey Webster

Along with live performance art by Ford Crull with music by Sylvie Degiez and Wayne Lopes.
For the Woodstock film Festival, Mr. Crull will create a new live improvised work for the opening party, featuring the music of Diegiez and Lopes. Mr. Crull is noted for his highly symbolic paintings which explore the expressive power of personal and cultural symbols in a series of densely painted and vividly colored compositions.

Saturday marks the highlight of the Woodstock Film Festival with the 13th installment of the Maverick Award Gala held at Backstage Studio Productions in historic Kingston.

Doors are at 7pm and the award ceremony begins at 9pm with food and drink provided by our generous sponsor Barefoot Wine & Bubbly.

Enjoy music courtesy of Paul Green and his band of Monkeys as we honor the best in independent film, acclaimed Director Jonathan Demme with a special tribute to Bingham Ray.




Music highlights include:
Two special performances by David Bromberg and Natalie Merchant following the films David Bromberg: Unsung Treasures and "Dear Governor Cuomo..."

SIMI STONE on Thursday, Ocotber 11 at @Colony Cafe

CHARLES BRADLEY on Friday, October 12 @Bearsville Theater

THE PASS on Friday, Oct. 12 at 9pm — $FREE @Colony Cafe
*Musical composers for 2nd Serve, Art Machine, California Solo

AARON FREEMAN aka Gene Ween on Saturday, Oct. 13 at 7pm @Colony Cafe

JEREMY BERNSTEIN on Sunday, October 14 at 9pm @Bearsville Theater


Also, listen to songs from select films by tuning in to the 2012 WFF JUKEBOX


The Woodstock Film Festival has partnered with Charity Buzz, an organization that provides and promotes high-end entertainment related auction items for not for profit organizations and events.

As such, we have prepared a one-of-a-kind online auction to raise the much-needed funds for the festival, so we can continue to present an annual festival program and the year-round schedule of films, music and art related activities that promote artists, culture, inspired learning and diversity.

This online auction will run for three weeks in October just before, during, and after this year's film festival.

Featured items include:
• An Audition with Casting Director Ellen Chenoweth in NYC for an Upcoming Film
• An Acting Class for 4 Taught By Vincent D'Onofrio in NYC
• Morgan Spurlock's "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold" Suit, Worn on CONAN
• Lunch with Susie Essman in NYC or Hudson, NY
• Lunch with Timothy Hutton at PJ Clarks in NYC
•A Week Long Stay at the 4 Bedroom Golden Pavilion Villa in Tortola, BVI
• Lunch with Oscar Winner and Melissa Leo in NYC, and
• A Family Legacy with a Bradford Renaissance Portrait

More to come including a one of a kind tour of Abbey Road Studios in London, stay tuned!

We hope you can take advantage of this opportunity, and we thank you for your support.

Visit Charity Buzz Auction Page





Join us for the inaugural 2012 Baja International Film Festival, November 14-18 in Cabo, Mexico, one of the world's most beautiful luxury resort destinations and second home to many of Hollywood's leading stars including George Clooney, Jennifer Aniston, Edward Norton, Cameron Diaz and Leonardo DiCaprio. The festival program includes screenings of over 70 films, nightly galas and events, including an outdoor concert at the Puerto Los cabos marina featuring Grammy-winning musicians, a reception at one of the world's largest cactus gardens, screenings under the stars and more!

Additional recreational activities include diving in the Sea of Cortez, described by Jacques Cousteau as the world's aquarium, golfing at courses designed by Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer, deep sea fishing and horse riding.

Get 15% OFF Baja International Film Festival Passes! Visit the Baja International Film Festival ticket page, choose your pass and then enter discount code WFF at checkout. View the ticket page HERE.




WFF is honored that founding sponsor Markertek is back as the primary sponsor.

Expendables - Cables - Equipment - Tools for Film + Lots More including
AJA's Video Ki Pro HD Video Recorder

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The Woodstock Film Festival welcomes Toyota as 2012 Silver Sponsor!

*Stop by and see the new Toyota Prius in use at this year's festival where you can view models on display and test drive on Saturday, October 13!

To learn more about Toyota and products please visit or visit your local dealer.
In Kingston, NY, visit Prestige Toyota at 756 E Chester Street, Kingston, NY 12401