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The Woodstock Film Festival is proud to announce its 3rd SPIRIT OF WOODSTOCK CELEBRATION, April 26 at the Emerson Resort. This year's recipient of the Spirit of Woodstock Award is one of the Hudson Valley's most successful and community minded entrepreneurs, Mark Braunstein, founder and CEO of

It is going to be a spectacular event with music, entertainment and a sit-down dinner provided by The Emerson. You can purchase your tickets now by clicking HERE.

The Spirit of Woodstock Celebration is a fundraising event for the Woodstock Film Festival and all ticket purchases are tax deductible.


I Origins


Cold in July

The Sundance Film Festival was a big hit for Hudson Valley filmmaking this year.

I ORIGINS, filmed in the Hudson Valley, dazzled audiences and critics alike and took home the coveted Alfred P. Sloan award.

The award is selected by a jury of film and science professionals and presented to outstanding feature films focusing on science or technology as a theme, or depicting a scientist, engineer or mathematician as a major character.

The film is the second feature film by Mike Cahill.  

The award comes with a $20,000 cash prize.

Additionally I ORIGINS was picked up for distribution by Fox Searchlight.

COLD IN JULY by Hudson Valley filmmaker Jim Mickle, starring Michael C. Hall, Sam Sheppard and Don Johnson was picked up for distribution by IFC.

Woodstock Film Festival Executive Director Meira Blaustein was in Park City for all the action and you can read her wrap up of the event online at the Poughkeepsie Journal.

You can also get a recap of all the daily action on her Peace, Love and Movies blog on the Poughkeepsie Journal's blog spot.



Legendary folk musician Pete Seeger passed away on January 27 at the age of 94. Seeger was a Beacon resident and long time advocate of the environment, especially the cleanup of the Hudson River.

Regarding his legacy, Arlo Guthrie told TIME Magazine, "I think for me personally it is the incredible feelings that can change a moment in time when people sing. When people voice their opinions together in song, or at a meeting, or in a congress, there are moments that change everything. I remember walking down the street with Pete and half a million other people at the rallies in the 60s and the empowerment that people felt singing together, walking together, standing side-by-side. It changed my life, and it changed everyone’s life who was there, whether they became singers or writers or insurance brokers. Whatever they did in life, those feelings remain an integral part of who they are. They know what’s possible because they were there to feel it. That is the legacy Pete leaves me personally."

Pete Seeger - his kindness, local appearances and activism, will be missed  - but his legacy lives in us all.



The Woodstock Film Festival has been nominated for the Mid-Hudson Heroes contest sponsored by Ulster Savings Bank. The local bank is donating up to $5000 to community organizations and voters like you decide who gets the cash. So please VOTE early and often for the Woodstock Film Festival. You can vote once a day now until February 12 at midnight. Head over to to vote. The top prize is $3000.



The nominations for the 86th Academy Awards were announced January 16 and one WFF official selection picked up a nomination.

Daniel Sousa's FERAL will compete for the Best Animated Short Award.

Morgan Neville a two time WFF alum (2007- THE COOL SCHOOL, 2008- JOHNNY CASH'S AMERICA) is also nominated for an Academy Award. His film 20 FEET FROM STARDOM is nominated for Best Documentary Feature.

Meanwhile GRAVITY by Alfonso Cuaron and AMERICAN HUSTLE by David O' Russell garned the most nominations with ten apiece while Steve McQueen's 12 YEARS A SLAVE is nominated for nine.

The Academy Awards will air March 2 on ABC.







Two films with local ties will be screening at the Rosendale Theatre in February.

February 1, 3PM

THE PASSION OF MISS AUGUSTA, directed by Stone Ridge filmmaker Robert Clem is based on the 1866 novel St Elmo by Alabama author Augusta Evans Wilson, now seen as an early feminist. The film was shot right here in the Hudson Valley, including scenes at Rokby, with help from the Hudson Valley Film Commission.

The picture stars local actors including Jason Downs and Davis Hall.

St. Elmo was one of the two best-selling American novels of the nineteenth century.  THE PASSION OF MISS AUGUSTA mingles a silent movie adaptation of the novel with a version set in the 1950s, each with a heroine determined to maintain her independence in a man’s world.


February 8, 3PM

Also in February The Rosendale Theatre will present a special screening of the documentary BREASTMILK a WFF 2013 Official Selection. A panel discussion will follow the film. And the event will be part of a fundraiser for the Mid-Hudson Lactation Consortium and the Breastfeeding Initiative of Ulster County. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door.

Perhaps one of the most overlooked yet universal aspects of pregnancy and childbirth is the production of a mother’s breastmilk. Despite endless research on the benefits of breastfeeding, the stigma surrounding this natural and age-old practice has led to a new world of motherhood where maternity confronts sexuality and naturalists are forced to confront a culture brimming with baby formulas, breast pumps and endless skepticism.

Director Dana Ben-Ari in her feature debut, takes a daring look at the world surrounding breast milk in exclusive interviews with both men and women, professionals and parents, bringing the clandestine world surrounding breast milk to the forefront. BREASTMILK not only confronts our modern perspective on breastfeeding but delves beneath the surface in uncovering what exactly has led us to treat breast milk as “liquid gold” and breasts as overtly sexual iconography. This documentary is brilliant in revealing the guilt, humor and controversy surrounding breastmilk while providing a unique look at this lesser understood challenge of parenthood. –Chandra Knotts



February 19, 1:30pm

The National Theater comes to Rhinebeck

See performances mounted by one of the most prestigious theaters in the world.

Shakespeare's CORIOLANUS

In this production from the Donmar Warehouse, Josie Rourke directs Shakespeare’s searing tragedy of political manipulation and revenge, with Tom Hiddleston (WAR HORSE, THE AVENGERS, MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, THOR) in the title role. When an old adversary threatens Rome, the city calls once more on her hero and defender: Coriolanus. But he has enemies at home, too.

Tickets are $15, $13 seniors/students, $11 members.


January 31

WFF 2013 Official Selection AT MIDDLETON will hit theaters in limited release on January 31. The film stars Hudson Valley residents and sisters Vera Farmiga and Taissa Farmiga as well Andy Garcia who attended the 2013 Festival.

AT MIDDLETON subverts all expectations of a standard college romance, focusing on the bittersweet adult years of two unsatisfied parents who come together in a single afternoon of magic. Vera Farmiga and Andy Garcia star in Adam Rodgers’s romantic dramedy as eccentric mother, Edith, and straight-laced father, George, two strangers who come to life in one another’s company and decide to play hooky on their respective children’s college tour. While AT MIDDLETON initially seems to follow the college hopefuls; Edith and George quickly steal the focus of what becomes a revealing and enlightening experience for the two adults. The parents come together despite their opposing temperaments in an afternoon reminiscent of their lost youth, ditching the textbook tour for a crash course in the pursuit of passion. –Chandra Knotts


February 6

ART MACHINE directed by Doug Carr was an Official Selection of the 2012 Woodstock Film Festival. The film will make it's theatrical debut in limited release on February 6 and then head to VOD and DVD on March 3.

At age six, child prodigy painter Declan Truss was propelled into the art world as a rare marvel, but by seventeen, the tightrope of notoriety is catching up with him. Declan seeks inspiration as the immense pressures of an impending coming-of-age exhibition loom. His world expands when he stumbles on a commune of rebellious freethinkers. Declan reaches beyond painting to wild experimentation, quickly spinning out of control. As he becomes consumed by his mania, he begins to regard his family as part of a system that‚s keeping him down, and magnetically rallies the rebels to take part in his progressively subversive art exhibition˜one that will ultimately shock and destroy.


February 22 8pm
February 23 5pm
Museum of Modern Art

WFF 2013 Official Selection PURGATORIO will have a two night special screening at MOMA's International Festival of Nonfiction Film and Media this month. You can catch the film by director Rodrigo Reyes and meet the filmmakers on February 22 or 23.

A line in the sand is drawn in PURGATORIO, where only the desperate and courageous dare cross. Documentary director Rodrigo Reyes questions the role of humanity on planet earth and how the divisions we’ve created between one another have set in motion a millennium of adversities.

Fast forward to present day, where the border between the United States and Mexico echoes the mistakes of generations past as immigrants are taking great pains to find a better life north of the Rio Grande. They will endure heat exhaustion, dehydration, sexual assault and much worse. All of this to escape a world from where even the most devout must work from dawn until dusk under the baking sun in order to survive. Even then, the fatal whims of a stray bullet can still threaten to cut short a life of perdition, and deliver them to whatever waits beyond. –Terence Gardner


Now on HULU

THE GREAT CHICKEN WING HUNT was a 2013 WFF Official Selection. The hit documentary showcased a road trip, wing eating contest wrapped around a love story. Filmmaker Matt Reynolds held a wing night in Saugerties after his screening serving "The World's Best Chicken Wings"

Chicken Wings have become a staple of the American culinary experience, but filmmaker, journalist and upstate New Yorker Matt Reynolds takes finding the best wing to an entirely new level. Abandoning his successful career as an overseas reporter Matt returns to the States to embark on a journey across New York State to find the world's best chicken wing accompanied by his confused Czech girlfriend, Lucie. In an odyssey covering over 2500 miles, Matt and his cabal of chicken wing obsessed friends consume nearly 300 varieties of wings in two weeks. Eventually Matt must decide what is greater: his love for wings or Lucie. The Great Chicken Wing Hunt is more than a foodie’s delight; it’s three parts gastronomic competition, two parts oddball comedy and one part love story. –Michael Burke


ON VOD February 4

WFF 2012 Official Selection DEAD DAD will be available on VOD starting February 9. The family dramedy stars Kyle Arrington, Jenni Melear and Lucas K. Peterson.

Ken J. Adachi’s directorial feature debut is an emotional roller coaster showcasing three outstanding performances. DEAD DAD is a dynamic portrait of a family in turmoil learning to find its way. Estranged siblings Russell, Jane and their adopted brother, Alex are reunited when they return home upon the death of their father. As they battle over what to do with his ashes they attempt to come to grips with what their father would have wanted while trying to heal their own fractured relationships.

Adachi weaves a spirited tale of wry humor and painful heartache as each sibling must confront their own deep seeded wounds before they can seal the rift that has opened between them. All the while the father, who in life drove them apart, in death, begins to bring them back together. —Michael Burke



The Woodstock Film Festival's 15th Anniversary Festival is now open for submissions. We are looking for films in all categories including narratives, documentaries, shorts, music videos, animation and teen films.

Submit your film at Woodstock Film or through WAB.

Our Deadlines are as follows:

Early Bird April 11
Regular May 16
Late June 13
WAB Extended June 27

We are looking forward to our 15th Anniversary with lots of special year round events and programs at the Fall Festival, October 15-19. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements!



The Woodstock Film Festival is looking for sponsors for the 2014 festival and we would love for you to be a part of 15th Anniversary celebration.

Becoming a WFF sponsor provides opportunities such as exposing your brand to audiences, filmmakers and industry professionals of the best contemporary filmmaking from the US and the world. WFF features passionate, creative, captivating and affirming works by today's most promising and accomplished independent filmmakers. This 5-day event generates large, enthusiastic audiences and a gamut of promotional opportunities for your company.

WFF Sponsorships come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We offer Presenting, Platinum, Gold and Silver levels, as well as Signature Sponsorships. We'll work with you to custom fit a partnership that works for your business marketing goals!

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